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Sourcing / Manufacturing

Get the highest quality at lower prices to increase your botom line.
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Logistics and Supply Chain

Reduce costs, inefficiencies, and errors to effectively scale your business. 


Strategically develop channels for connecting your product to customers.

Kobal Group, Inc.

can help you source and manufacture products overseas to significantly lower your costs and increase your profits. Sourcing overseas can be a difficult, frustrating, and intimidating experience… language barriers, cultural differences, and regional logistics are just a few of the potential problems. Based in China and Taiwan, and owned by Chinese-Americans fluent in both Chinese and English, we take away the hassles associated with sourcing and manufacturing to ensure that you receive quality, low-priced products in a timely, safe, and cost-effectice manner.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to provide a one-stop solution for your manufacturing and sourcing needs in China and Taiwan. By eliminating the various barriers involved with overseas production and providing high quality, low cost products, we can be invaluable for increasing your company’s profitability and bottom line.

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No.98, Fu Guo Road
Taipei 11158, Taiwan

+886 2 2836 0300

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