About Us

Our Experience

All of our factories are ISO 9001 Certified.

International Business

24 years of experience in international business – including sourcing, distribution, marketing, and sales.

Direct Manufacturing

25+ years of experience with direct manufacturing in Asia.


JIT Manufacturing

Just-in-time manufacturing experience in Taiwan since 2008.

Our Areas of Expertise

• Accurate assessment of development, manufacturing and deliver cycles

• All phases of production in China and Taiwan factories

• High quality pricing and quoting

• Logistics and government regulations with regard to manufacturing

• Securing government authorization/work permits to minimize PRC government & legislative risk

• International trading and shipping guidelines

Why Us?


We are based in China and Taiwan. Many companies offering manufacturing/sourcing services are based elsewhere, with representatives overseas that maintain contact with the factories. So the line of contact between you and the manufacturers would be as follows with these other companies:

 Your Company –> Sourcing Company –> Representative in Asia –> Factory in China

With our Company:

 Your Company –> Us –> Factory in China

We have direct contact with our factories. Our close proximity to the manufacturing facilities, our direct relationships with the manufacturers, and our direct contact with these factories, all serve to shorten the communication link and reduce the chances for possible mistakes. For you, this means less mix-ups, production more accurately based on your specifications, easier trouble-shooting for possible issues, and faster time to market.



Language and Culture

As Americans with a Chinese heritage, we have a unique background that enables us to bridge the gap between two very different parts of the world: raisedand educated in the US, yet familiar with Chinese culture, tradition, and language. Our core members are all bilingual, thus enabling us to better communicate with both our clients and our Chinese factories.